Monday, March 27, 2017

My talks on Entropy-Noise Correspondence

I am back from a loooong long trip into several cities in the US and Canada, where I gave a series of talks about my research.

In my trip to New Orleans, for the first time I saw real palm trees! The city has its own character within its cheesy streets full of excited visitors and free storytelling stations! I was also excited to see Mississippi river, which reminded me one of the cartoons I was watching when I was almost ten: the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn! At APS March meeting I enjoyed meeting some old friends from Japan, the US, Canada, Germany, Holland, Australia, etc, gave a short talk about "information contents of physical interactions" and enjoyed learning new things.

Later I traveled to Canada to give a series of talk in different places and to visit a research group for future collaborations. My schedule was very rich! I started with the University of Toronto, then went to Waterloo to visit and give a talk at the Institute for Quantum Computation (IQC) on how to measure entropy in quantum systems. +

As planned I also visited the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo too, where I got my PhD degree 9 years ago from within its old building, the post office building. The "new" building has changed a lot and now has a wired wing full of offices to somehow compensate its original land-wasting floor map. There were too many new faces there and almost nobody recognised me except a few of present faculty members. There I gave a talk in the quantum foundations seminars about the new entropy-noise correspondence we found last year +

These talks turned out to fall into the interest of two main communities: condensed matter theorists and quantum information theorists.

To provide equal opportunities to those not present in the cities yet like to form and express a judgement, I uploaded a short summary of my presentations here to be accessible to public. Please feel free to review.

M.H. Ansari

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