Monday, March 27, 2017

My talks on Entropy-Noise Correspondence

I am back from a loooong long trip into several cities in the US and Canada, where I gave a series of talks about my research.

In my trip to New Orleans, for the first time I saw real palm trees! The city has its own character within its cheesy streets full of excited visitors and free storytelling stations! I was also excited to see Mississippi river, which reminded me one of the cartoons I was watching when I was almost ten: the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn! At APS March meeting I enjoyed meeting some old friends from Japan, the US, Canada, Germany, Holland, Australia, etc, gave a short talk about "information contents of physical interactions" and enjoyed learning new things.

Later I traveled to Canada to give a series of talk in different places and to visit a research group for future collaborations. My schedule was very rich! I started with the University of Toronto, then went to Waterloo to visit and give a talk at the Institute for Quantum Computation (IQC) on how to measure entropy in quantum systems. +

As planned I also visited the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo too, where I got my PhD degree 9 years ago from within its old building, the post office building. The "new" building has changed a lot and now has a wired wing full of offices to somehow compensate its original land-wasting floor map. There were too many new faces there and almost nobody recognised me except a few of present faculty members. There I gave a talk in the quantum foundations seminars about the new entropy-noise correspondence we found last year +

These talks turned out to fall into the interest of two main communities: condensed matter theorists and quantum information theorists.

To provide equal opportunities to those not present in the cities yet like to form and express a judgement, I uploaded a short summary of my presentations here to be accessible to public. Please feel free to review.

M.H. Ansari

Sunday, March 05, 2017


If you happen to be near Aachen this week, come to hear news about entropy. (this link

Quantum information seminar, Mar 09 11:00, Physikzentrum MBP2 116
SPEAKER: Mohammad Ansari (FZ J├╝lich)
TITLE: Entropy measurement in quantum systems

ABSTRACT: Entropy is an important measure of information. Being nonlinear in density matrix, its consistent evaluation for a quantum system requires a formalism that allows simultaneous evolution of more-than-one-copy of density matrix. Recently in [MHA and Y. Nazarov, Phys. Rev. B 91, 104303 (2015)] a formalism for such evolutions has been proposed and [MHA and Y. Nazarov, Phys. Rev. B 91, 174307 (2015)] shows that such entropy correspond to physical quantities. Interestingly this correspondence is not equivalent to the second law of thermodynamics. In this talk I describe how to measure entropy flow in a quantum heat engine.


Also next week I am in New Orleans. If you are attending APS March meeting I am going to give a talk in Session L52: Statistics of Ensemble Quantum Systems Wednesday at 11:50 AM in  Room: 399.