Friday, June 22, 2007

Slides of my talk

I have posted today the slides of my recent presentations about the two new properties in loop quantum gravity to my homepage. You can find them in PDF format from here.

John Brodie Prize

On October 2006 I received a prize for "Creativity and Independence in Research" from perimeter Institute.

Here is the official announcement:

I remember John Brodie from the first year of my coming to PI. He was gentle and open to new faces. I talked to him several times mostly baout art. He was a very kind boy. God bless him.

The works I became nominated for were my recent works on two new properties in loop quantum gravity: 1) the Generic Degeneracy, and 2) the Ladder Symmetry. Based on these two I proposed a macroscopic effect of loop quantum gravity in black hole Hawking's radiation. (1, 2)