Thursday, June 26, 2014

Critical current as a function of magnetic field

Another theoretical collaboration with a great experimentalist group.

Josephson Interference due to Orbital States in a Nanowire Proximity Effect Junction,
K. Gharavi, G. W. Holloway, C. M. Haapamaki, M. H. Ansari, M. Muhammad, R. R. LaPierre, and J. Baugh,  arXiv:1405.7455

On the finding of critical current as a function of magnetic field in a semiconductor nanowire with two superconducting metal contacts; unexpected results based on standard models of Josephson junctions.

Also our recent paper published in New J. Phys. : Toward tripartite hybrid entanglement in quantum dot molecules by M Khoshnegar, A Jafari-Salim, M H Ansari, and A H Majedi, became available on arxiv:1406.6933 .

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