Thursday, July 12, 2012

my long article on physics 13

The university where I work, publishes a journal for undergraduate students titled "Phyics 13". You can google it along with the university of waterloo to find their webpage.

They asked me to write an overview on the recent experiment on the Majorana Quasiparticle recently discovered in Condensed matter physics. Along the way to write it I realized this is much beter if I can glue together a more extensive review on the prediction, the particle physics and astrophysics attempts, as well as a good and simple explanation of its final discovery on a proximity superconducting nanowire of semiconductor. Previously in this blog I wrote about this important discovery.

My extensive review --compared to regular articles-- was published in the latest journal issue. Unfortunately you cannot see the latest issue on their webpage but with a negligible fee for registration to the physics department of the university you can buy a hard copy of it.

The article is now on the Spring 2012 issue on the Young Researcher Corner section, which is now of course a few pages long with many colorful picture! You can read all the previous issues on their website, though.

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Gag said...

If you have a copy of it, post it somewhere. As an author you have the right to do so.