Sunday, February 01, 2009

Classical and Quantum Geometry Conferences in 2009

Very High Energy Phenomena Feb 1-8 La Thuile

Dark Matter Feb 2-6 CERN

Dark Matter Feb 9-11 Florence

High-Freq Grav. Waves Feb 24-27 Huntsville

Dark Side of Gravity Mar 2-4 Florence

New Directions in Cosmology Mar 16-20 Beijing

Black Holes and LQG Mar 26-28 Valencia

Grishchuk Fest Apr 17 Cardiff

NAM/JENAM Meeting Apr 20-23 Hatfield
(Grav Waves session 21)

Zeldovich 95th Apr 20-23 Minsk 

Relativity in Astrometry Apr 27-May 1 Virginia Beach

Black Holes VII May 9-15 Banff

GW+HEN Workshop May 18-20 Paris

Relativistic Astrophysics May 19-21 Atlanta

Sobral Meeting May 26-29 Sobral

Chalonge Colloquoium May 28-29 Paris

Cosmological Magnetic Fields May 31-Jun 5 Ascona

Standard Model of Universe Jun 4-5 Paris

12th Eastern Gravity Meeting Jun 15-16 Rochester

Mathematical Relativity Jun 18-19 Lisbon

21st Rencontres de Blois Jun 21-26 Blois

Amaldi 8 Jun 21-26 New York

ICGA 9 Jun 28-Jul 1 Wuhan

Unity of the Universe Jun 29-Jul 1 Portsmouth

Invisible Universe Jun 29-Jul 3 Paris

Marcel Grossmann MG12 Jul 12-18 Paris

Chalonge: 13th Paris Cosmology Jul 23-25 Paris

CosmoSTATS09 JUl 26-31 Ascona

Loops '09 Aug 2-8 Beijing

IAU General Assembly Aug 3-14 Rio de Janeiro

Neutron Stars: IAU JD Aug 3-5 Rio de Janeiro

NIJMEGEN09 Aug 18-28 Nijmegen

Grassmannian conference Sept 14-19 Szczecin

Challenges in Cosmology Sept 2-5 Talloires

Space, Time and Beyond Oct 8-9 Golm

Galileo - Xu Guangqi Oct 26-30 Shanghai

Thanks to Malcolm MacCallum


Ed said...

Very good collection, thanks Mohammed!

Anonymous said...

Mohammad, r u gonna attend all of them? Good for you!