Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Confident or Arrogant speakers

When you listen a talk, you may judge whether the speaker is confident or arrogant, by the use of following ways I introduce:

1- Arrogance is often underplayed by "insecurity". An arrogant speaker tends to be so in order to compensate for weaknesses. However, a confident speaker has self acceptance, accepts the restrictions of the theory or model.

2- An arrogant speaker tends to put others down in an attempt to be the best or come out the coolest model. A confident person is beyond this way of viewing models.

3- Body language of an appearant speaker is often associated with a posture that is overly dominating.

Since arrogance often accompanies a lack of confidence, the poor arrogant speaker hurts underneath.

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musafiremes said...

Agreed 100%. We can even see these things in normal conversations, and in the kind of language used.